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Times August 15, 2000.  The Washington Times carried a full page ad from the TWA 800 Eyewitness Alliance demanding that they be heard.  The ad claims that the FBI and NTSB have lied to the American public and that hundreds of people witnessed a missile shoot down Flight 800. It concludes: "We, the eyewitnesses know that missiles were involved.  We don't know who launched them, but we know that for some reason our government has lied and tried to discredit all of us to keep that question from being addressed." ... "The claim that our evidence is worthless is false and we want to know who is behind it.  Hundreds of us SAW what happened.  The FBI, the CIA and the NTSB must not be allowed to get away with this cover-up by defamation of the eyewitnesses.  We appeal to those who know why this is being done to share their information with us. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

The Smoking Gun - Missile Experts Presentation to the FBI, August 1996

Witness Sightlines - Analysis of views and angles of eyewitness sightings.

Eyewitness Highlights - Selected Accounts from the 755 reports
(To read the full witness report, click on the underlined title)

NTSB Releases Eyewitness Database - 
Database identifies location of each witness
Witness Summary - pdf file
Witness Geography - pdf file
Witness Coordinates - pdf file
Witness Database - excel file

NTSB Eyewitness Analysis by Mike Hull

Triangulation of Eyewitness Sightings

Click here for an updated version of the Eyewitness Triangulation (pdf)Gif Version.
Location of missile firing points by FBI.  Full FBI Report (pdf 1,187k)
Map showing FBI Plot of "Shooter Locations" (gif Map 48k) (pdf Map 50k)

NTSB Eyewitness Group Factual Report - Exhibit 4A  (html version)

NTSB Eyewitness Group Factual Report Exhibit 4A - Not publicly released by NTSB  -9-2-99

Relevant data from the Eyewitness Group Factual Report:

NTSB Witness CD and Eyewitness Group Report

Eyewitness Statement of Paul Angelides - 32 k - 7-28-98

3 minute Streaming Video recreation (389k) of witnesses Gipe and Angelides view of the crash
- requires RealPlayer - 11-21-98, Download video file (389k)
Full 10 minute Streaming Video recreation of witnesses Gipe and Angelides view of the crash - requires RealPlayer - 1,295k - 11-22-98 Download Video File

Detailed list of other Missile Sightings around Long Island - by Mike Hull -7-19-01 

Wit649Witness 649 made this drawing for the FBI and it clearly shows an object heading in the opposite direction of Flight 800 (west) , impact the aircraft and then the entire wreckage falling to the east.  Click on the picture to see an animation.

Animated Drawing of Witness 649's Sketch - Courtesy of Ian Goddard 7-17-01  231k 
 If animation does not work - click here
 Animation by Ian Goddard.

The Case of Witness 649 - Debunking the NTSB & CIA Theories

FIRO - Witness Sketches - 12-22-00
The Flight 800 Researchers Organization has published an article on the many eyewitnesses who actually drew sketches of what they saw.  This is very enlightening reading. 
New Witness Sketch located - Previously "Lost" By FBI - 12-26-00 

The Expert Witness Radio Show  -  TWA 800 Revisited  -  December 2000
Mike Levine interviews 3 witnesses who SAW rockets take down the flight of TWA-800. For
more information on this topic, see the interview with Rodney Stich page.

Press Release on NTSB Lawsuit  -5-10-01
Exhibit 25 - List of eyewitness statements from Interim Report 
Lisa Perry Sighting of Military Warship - Exhibit 35 -  11-18-98
Drawing of Warship sighted by Lisa Perry From Jane's Fighting Ships - 11-18-98
Photos of Warship from Jane's Fighting Ships - 11-18-98
Aphrodite's Encounter with mysterious boats 
Eyewitness report of Captain McClaine - 5-24-1999
E-Mail from an Eyewitness




  Evidence of a Missile

  Flight 800 Database

Flight 800

Poll Results

>1000 Respondents

  Missile-------- 80%


  Bomb --------  4%


  Fuel Tank --- 14%

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